• Is Chiropractic Safe?

    Is Chiropractic Safe?

    Absolutely! Chiropractic is a natural way to heal the body without the use of drugs or surgery! Chiropractic looks for the cause of the problem and treats the cause, instead of masking the symptoms with drugs.

    Chiropractors are highly trained.

    Chiropractors have both college degrees and advanced degrees in Chiropractic and go through a highly rigorous training before licensure and being given the title of Doctor of Chiropractic. In addition, Chiropractors are required to complete continuing education throughout their years in practice.

    Adjustments are gentle and personalized to each individuals needs.

    A first visit to the chiropractor begins with a consultation and exam and x rays as needed. A personalized treatment plan is devised based on the individuals health. A plan may include adjustments, physical therapy, massage and exercise. A second visit will include a Report of Findings to discuss treatment options.

    Chiropractic by the numbers.

    *Did you know that 90% of professional athletes are under chiropractic care and the reason is to achieve higher performances and optimal heath, and Chiropractic can do that!

    *In addition, about 22 million Americans visit Chiropractors annually.

    *Chiropractic is covered by most insurances.

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  • 5 Quick Tips For Treating Headaches Naturally


    Headaches are an all too common occurence, with more than 47 million Americans reporting severe or debilitating headaches within the past 3 months and 9% of the US reporting migraines. Before you reach for that bottle of Excedrin, consider some natural home remedies which can relieve your pain quickly.

    1. ICE PACK

    Place a cold compress such as an ice pack to numb the pain and shrink the blood vessels and improve circulation. Don’t have an ice pack? A bag of frozen vegetables will work just as well. Just remember to use a thin towel to wrap your ice pack or vegetables in. Don’t apply directly to your skin.

    2. MASSAGE

    For quick relief, try rubbing your temples or getting a neck, shoulder or back massage. We tend to hold our stress in these body parts and a quick massage can relief the tension and thereby relieve the headache.

    3. WATER

    If your headache is due to dehydration, drink lot’s of water. Avoid alcohol as it will dehydrate you further.


    Peppermint oil has calming and soothing properties that can treat your headache. Get instant relief by rubbing it in your temples, back of neck and jaw. The combination of massaging it in and the soothing aroma of the peppermint should do the trick. Pick some up at your local health food store and keep on hand for when needed.

    5 . HEAT

    Applying a heat pack to the back of your neck will improve the blood circulation and relieve the tension. Don’t have a heating pad, take a hot shower and direct the hot water on to your back and neck.

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    1. 5 tips to avoid back pain at work


    Sitting at a desk or computer all day can really take a toll on your body, especially your back. When leaving the desk is not an option, here are 5 tips to avoid back pain that can be done in minutes and go a long way to working PAIN FREE !

    1. FOCUS ON YOUR POSTURE: If you must sit for long periods of time, your posture and a good chair is key! Choose a chair that allows you to rest your feet comfortably flat on the floor and provides good back support. If your office standard chair is non negotiable, simply place a foot stool to rest your feet and or place a small rolled towel in the curve of your back.​

    2. STRETCH: Get up and stretch every 15 minutes or so. When we are sitting at a desk for long periods of time, we tend to tense up, causing pain. Even a quick stretch of your back, arms and shoulders can relieve the tension that has been building up.

    3. COMPUTER PLACEMENT: Whether you are using a lap top or desk top, placement is key. Find a position where you can comfortably rest your forearms, elbow and wrists. This simple tip will go a long way towards preventing nerve irritation.

    4. WEAR A HEADSET: If you are like most of us, whether we work from home or in an office, we multi task to stay ahead. One of the worst things you can do however, is to cradle the phone in the crook of your neck while working. When you do this, you are compressing the spinal column and your cervical vertebrae leading to almost certain problems in the future.

    5. MOVE AROUND: Get up and move it! Try to make it a point to get up and walk every hour or at least every 90 minutes. On the phone, stand up and walk? Need a drink of water, get up and get it. Next to lying horizontal, walking puts the least amount of pressure on your spine. Even a few minutes of walking will be enough to relieve the tension in your body.

    Have any other tips on how to relieve back pain at work? We would love to hear it! It’s never too late to improve your health.

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