5 Tips To Avoid Back Pain While At Work

5 Tips To Avoid Back Pain While At Work

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Sitting at a desk or computer all day can really take a toll on your body, especially your back. When leaving the desk is not an option, here are 5 tips to avoid back pain in Catonsville that can be done in minutes and go a long way to working pain-free!


If you must sit for long periods of time, your posture and a good chair are key! Choose a chair that allows you to rest your feet comfortably flat on the floor and provides good back support. If your office standard chair is non-negotiable, simply place a footstool to rest your feet and or place a small rolled towel in the curve of your back.​


Get up and stretch every 15 minutes or so. When we are sitting at a desk for long periods of time, we tend to tense up, causing pain. Even a quick stretch of your back, arms and shoulders can relieve the tension that has been building up.


Whether you are using a laptop or desktop, placement is key. Find a position where you can comfortably rest your forearms, elbow and wrists. This simple tip will go a long way towards preventing nerve irritation.


If you are like most of us, whether we work from home or in an office, we multi-task to stay ahead. One of the worst things you can do, however, is to cradle the phone in the crook of your neck while working. When you do this, you are compressing the spinal column and your cervical vertebrae leading to almost certain problems in the future.


Get up and move it! Try to make it a point to get up and walk every hour or at least every 90 minutes. On the phone, stand up and walk? Need a drink of water, get up and get it. Next to lying horizontal, walking puts the least amount of pressure on your spine. Even a few minutes of walking will be enough to relieve the tension in your body.

Have any other tips on how to relieve back pain at work? We would love to hear it! It’s never too late to improve your health.

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