• The Top 6 Foods To Fight Pain Naturally

    The Top 6 Foods To Fight Pain Naturally

    Millions of Americans live with chronic pain and often reach for the medicine bottle for relief. While it is true that the pain medication may reduce the pain, it can often lead to unwanted side effects and long lasting problems from overuse. So the next time you go to reach for the bottle, try one of these natural food remedies instead.

    COFFEE: Black Coffee can provide relief from headaches. Some recent research shows that coffee can also reduce the risk of some cancers.

    2. GINGER: Ginger is an anti inflammatory that works for multiple ailments including migraines, sore muscles and arthritis.

    CINNAMON: Cinnamon has so many health benefits, there are too many to mention. Some of the top benefits include cold, cough and sore throat remedies, stomach bugs, arthritis and more.

    CAYENNE PEPPER: Cayenne works as an anti inflammatory and has been shown to reduce migraines, relieves joint and nerve pain and is a natural remedy for cramps.

    TART CHERRIES: Cherries are an anti inflammatory that helps releive Gout, a painful form of Arthritis and help stop tissue inflammation.

    SALMON: Salmon is filled with Omega 3’s and the fatty acid helps to reduce inflammation in your joints. It has also been shown to help prevent pain from Osteoarthritis.

    Do you have another natural food remedy for pain? We would love to hear it! For more information and help to heal the pain, visit your Baltimore Chiropractor…Johnson Chiropractic and Rehabilitation at: www.mypainfreliefcenter.com

  • Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Go Hand In Hand

    These days, massage therapy is very popular, and is widely used for stress relief and relaxation, but it is also extremely beneficial when used as a companion therapy to Chiropractic care.

    Some might say that Chiropractic and massage therapy go hand in hand, after all, both use a hands on, drug free holistic approach to healing. Many Chiropractors use massage in their office in conjunction to patients adjustments and physical therapy and the results often include quicker healing and reduced anxiety.

    While massage can treat a long list of conditions, here is a list of the TOP 12 CONDITIONS THAT MASSAGE THERAPY IS OFTEN USED FOR:

    If you would like to know more about massage therapy and it’s benefits, or would like to schedule an appointment, give your Baltimore Chiropractor a call at: (410) 744-1233.

  • Is Chiropractic Covered by Insurance?

    One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Johnson Chiropractic is, “Is Chiropractic covered by Insurance?”.

    The answer is a resounding YES! According to the American Chiropractic Association, “Chiropractic care is included in most health insurance plans, including major medical plans, workers’ compensation, Medicare, some Medicaid plans, and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for federal employees, among others. Chiropractic care is also available to active-duty members of the armed forces at more than 60 military bases and is available to veterans at 36 major veterans medical facilities.”

    At Johnson Chiropractic we take a wide range of insurance plans and will gladly check your insurance benefits during your free consultation. Have a question about your insurance coverage, don’t hesitate to ask us. Dr. Johnson and your Baltimore Chiropractic staff are here to help. Contact us at (410) 744-1233

  • Why You May Need A Chiropractor After An Auto Accident

    If you have recently been in a car accident, you know that it is beyond scary and recovering can be difficult both emotionally and physically. Some injuries become apparent right away, and some serious problems take time to develop. What may seem like a little stiffness can actually be a major problem brewing.

    You may have heard the term Whiplash, but do you know what whiplash actually is?

    Whiplash is a term that describes injury to the neck that occurs as a result of a motor vehicle or car accident. It’s symptoms include:

    *Pain in the neck, arm, back, muscles or shoulder

    *Whole body dizziness or vertigo

    *other symptoms can include, difficulty focusing, sensation of pins and needles, stiff neck, muscle spasms and nerve injury.

    Injuries from an auto accident left untreated can interfere with work and everyday enjoyment. Don’t let an auto accident derail you life! The best way to treat these symptoms is to see a Chiropractor shortly after the accident for a consultation and exam. Your Chiropractor is specially trained in treating the most common auto accident injuries and can provide Chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage, exercises and more to put you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

    Dr. Johnson, your Baltimore Chiropractor is here to help. Call (410) 744-1233 to schedule a free consultation and get all your auto accident related questions answered.

  • The Beginners Guide To Treating Your Injury With Heat Therapy Vs. Cold Therapy

    When you have pain, your most pressing question is how to relieve it, but knowing whether to use ice or heat therapy is often confusing. Your mother tells you to put ice on it, and your friend tells you to use a heating pad, but who is right? The answer is they both are, what really matters is the type of pain and the cause.

    Here are the basic rules to guide when to use heat or cold:

    HEAT : Heat is best used for a chronic injury or an injury that is more than a day old. If you have chronic stiff muscle pain then heat is for you.

    COLD : Cold is best used for a acute pain or a swollen or inflamed injury.

    Still not sure, ask yourself is this injury or pain new or is it an ongoing chronic pain? If it’s new use cold, if it’s chronic go with heat.

    So how do heat and cold therapies differ and how do they work?

    HEAT works by opening up the blood vessels, which increases blood flow and supplies oxygen and nutrients to reduce pain in joints and relax sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons. If you are planning to exercise, apply heat before exercising to increase flexibility and improve blood flow.

    COLD works by numbing the injury as well as slowing down blood flow to an injury. It will reduce swelling, muscle spasms, and relieve pain. If you are planning to exercise, cold should only be used AFTER the exercise is complete.

    Exactly how do I use heat and cold therapies?


    * should not be used for more than 20 minutes unless advised by your doctor or therapist.

    * use a heating pad or a hot wet towel

    *be careful not to burn yourself! Heat should not be used directly on your skin, instead wrap a thin towel around your heat source.


    * should not be used for more than 20 minutes unless advised by your doctor or therapist.

    *There are many options for using cold packs:

    • an ice pack
    • a cold gel pack
    • a bag of frozen vegetables
    • a bag filled with ice (when using this method use a thin towel around the bag to prevent frostbite.

    Still have questions? Dr. Johnson, your Baltimore Chiropractor and his staff at Johnson Chiropractic are happy to help. Contact us at: (410) 744-1233

  • 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Johnson…Your Baltimore Chiropractor

  • Is Chiropractic Safe?

    Is Chiropractic Safe?

    Absolutely! Chiropractic is a natural way to heal the body without the use of drugs or surgery! Chiropractic looks for the cause of the problem and treats the cause, instead of masking the symptoms with drugs.

    Chiropractors are highly trained.

    Chiropractors have both college degrees and advanced degrees in Chiropractic and go through a highly rigorous training before licensure and being given the title of Doctor of Chiropractic. In addition, Chiropractors are required to complete continuing education throughout their years in practice.

    Adjustments are gentle and personalized to each individuals needs.

    A first visit to the chiropractor begins with a consultation and exam and x rays as needed. A personalized treatment plan is devised based on the individuals health. A plan may include adjustments, physical therapy, massage and exercise. A second visit will include a Report of Findings to discuss treatment options.

    Chiropractic by the numbers.

    *Did you know that 90% of professional athletes are under chiropractic care and the reason is to achieve higher performances and optimal heath, and Chiropractic can do that!

    *In addition, about 22 million Americans visit Chiropractors annually.

    *Chiropractic is covered by most insurances.

    Need more information or have questions? Johnson Chiropractic is your Baltimore Chiropractor. Contact us at (410) 744-1233.

  • 5 Quick Tips For Treating Headaches Naturally


    Headaches are an all too common occurence, with more than 47 million Americans reporting severe or debilitating headaches within the past 3 months and 9% of the US reporting migraines. Before you reach for that bottle of Excedrin, consider some natural home remedies which can relieve your pain quickly.

    1. ICE PACK

    Place a cold compress such as an ice pack to numb the pain and shrink the blood vessels and improve circulation. Don’t have an ice pack? A bag of frozen vegetables will work just as well. Just remember to use a thin towel to wrap your ice pack or vegetables in. Don’t apply directly to your skin.

    2. MASSAGE

    For quick relief, try rubbing your temples or getting a neck, shoulder or back massage. We tend to hold our stress in these body parts and a quick massage can relief the tension and thereby relieve the headache.

    3. WATER

    If your headache is due to dehydration, drink lot’s of water. Avoid alcohol as it will dehydrate you further.


    Peppermint oil has calming and soothing properties that can treat your headache. Get instant relief by rubbing it in your temples, back of neck and jaw. The combination of massaging it in and the soothing aroma of the peppermint should do the trick. Pick some up at your local health food store and keep on hand for when needed.

    5 . HEAT

    Applying a heat pack to the back of your neck will improve the blood circulation and relieve the tension. Don’t have a heating pad, take a hot shower and direct the hot water on to your back and neck.

    Have your headaches begun to interfere with your quality of life? Johnson Chiropractic can help. Contact us for a free consultation and let your Baltimore Chiropractor restore your health! We look forward to working with you. contact


    1. 5 tips to avoid back pain at work


    Sitting at a desk or computer all day can really take a toll on your body, especially your back. When leaving the desk is not an option, here are 5 tips to avoid back pain that can be done in minutes and go a long way to working PAIN FREE !

    1. FOCUS ON YOUR POSTURE: If you must sit for long periods of time, your posture and a good chair is key! Choose a chair that allows you to rest your feet comfortably flat on the floor and provides good back support. If your office standard chair is non negotiable, simply place a foot stool to rest your feet and or place a small rolled towel in the curve of your back.​

    2. STRETCH: Get up and stretch every 15 minutes or so. When we are sitting at a desk for long periods of time, we tend to tense up, causing pain. Even a quick stretch of your back, arms and shoulders can relieve the tension that has been building up.

    3. COMPUTER PLACEMENT: Whether you are using a lap top or desk top, placement is key. Find a position where you can comfortably rest your forearms, elbow and wrists. This simple tip will go a long way towards preventing nerve irritation.

    4. WEAR A HEADSET: If you are like most of us, whether we work from home or in an office, we multi task to stay ahead. One of the worst things you can do however, is to cradle the phone in the crook of your neck while working. When you do this, you are compressing the spinal column and your cervical vertebrae leading to almost certain problems in the future.

    5. MOVE AROUND: Get up and move it! Try to make it a point to get up and walk every hour or at least every 90 minutes. On the phone, stand up and walk? Need a drink of water, get up and get it. Next to lying horizontal, walking puts the least amount of pressure on your spine. Even a few minutes of walking will be enough to relieve the tension in your body.

    Have any other tips on how to relieve back pain at work? We would love to hear it! It’s never too late to improve your health.

    For questions about back pain and how your Baltimore Chiropractor can help, contact Johnson Chiropractic. Johnson Chiropractic hopes to help you find relief from herniated discs, bulging discs, and back pain.


    Back pain is a problem experienced by millions of people. For those who suffer from constant low back pain, even the simplest tasks can be excruciating. In some cases, surgery can relieve chronic and continuous back pain, but not everyone is a strong candidate or willing to take the risk. For pain sufferers looking for an alternative to surgery, spinal decompression may be the answer. Spinal decompression is used by many chiropractors to treat back pain, but how does it work?

    Computer Controlled

    Spinal decompression treatments are controlled by computers to slowly pull and relax the spine. Advanced treatments allow chiropractors to target specific discs of the spine and use less force when working on a specific problem area. The computer system also enables chiropractors to control the angle of force and the amount of time force is applied. Depending on the unit used, patients lie on either stomach or back.

    Relieve Nerve Pressure and Increase Blood Flow

    The theory behind spinal decompression is straightforward: relieving pressure on the nerves in the back will decrease back pain. Slowly, vertebrae are separated and pressure on discs is reduced. Stretching increases the space between vertebrae, brings blood flow to herniated discs, and promotes natural healing – thereby avoiding surgery. It is believed that spinal decompression creates negative pressure, which pulls bulging discs into place and alleviates pain.

    Slow but Effective

    Back pain caused by herniated discs can either happen quickly or build over time. The non-invasive pain relief provided by spinal decompression generally occurs throughout a number of treatment appointments. Decompression works slowly to allow the discs to heal and reshape themselves. Spinal decompression eventually brings nutrients to the weakened discs. The natural healing process begins and continues as nutrients and blood allow for new cartilage fibers to be laid between vertebrae. The treatment benefits people with reoccurring back pain or continued pain after failed back surgery.

    Are there Risks?

    Spinal decompression is safe and non-invasive. It is a comfortable and slow procedure controlled by a chiropractor. Some patients may experience muscle spasms, but there are no real side effects or risks from the treatment. There are some instances in which certain patients are not good candidates for the treatment, such as those who are pregnant. It is also advisable to consider health history and past surgeries.

    For questions about spinal decompression, how it works, and whether it is a treatment you’d like to try, contact Johnson Chiropractic. Johnson Chiropractic hopes to help you find relief from herniated discs, bulging discs, and back pain.