Headaches After an Auto Accident and How Your Baltimore Area Chiropractor Can Help

Headaches After an Auto Accident and How Your Baltimore Area Chiropractor Can Help

Headaches After an Auto Accident and How Your Baltimore AreaChiropractor Can Help

Even a minor auto accident can cause significant pain. Many individuals who experience an auto accident suffer from back injuries, whiplash, neck pain, and concussions. Other complications may arise as well from these injuries. Even when receiving the proper medical treatment, it can take an extended period of time for the pain to completely subside. Chiropractic care in Catonsville is a safe and painless way to alleviate this pain, without the need for surgery or heavy medications.

In addition to many car accident injuries, headaches often occur. In fact, about 80% of individuals diagnosed with whiplash will experience headaches as well. During a whiplash injury, the neck is vigorously moved in opposite directions leading to inflammation of the upper cervical joints. Whiplash often times leads to tension-type headaches and stiffness.

With methods such as therapeutic massage, physical therapy and spinal manipulation, chiropractors can skillfully and effectively treat these types of injuries. Patients see significant improvement in headaches as the mobility and function of the spine is improved.

Furthermore, researchers have determined that patients with headaches originating in the neck region experienced almost immediate relief from spinal manipulation. Also, patients experiencing tension-type headaches report that they had longer-lasting relief and fewer side effects when compared to prescribed medications.

In addition to therapeutic massage and spinal manipulation, lifestyle recommendations and an an exercise plan given by a knowledgeable Chiropractor can also be helpful for improving headaches and other complications resulting from an auto accident injury.

In some cases, patients may not experience much pain until days or weeks following a car accident. If you have experienced an auto accident, it is crucial to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Contact your Baltimore Area Chiropractor to avoid long-term pain.


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