Baltimore Neck Pain Treatment

Safely Treating Your Pain

The neck is a very complex part of your body that can have a huge effect on your health. It is comprised of seven vertebrae which are the most flexible part of your spine. With such an important emphasis on your body, resolving neck pain should be an immediate priority for you.

Neck pain can arise from many causes, including:

  • Old injuries
  • Disc herniation
  • Degenerative joint diseases

There are numerous ways a neck injury can be sustained, sometimes the pain is immediate or delayed. Injuries like those that occur from whiplash, possibly from a rear-end collision, or falls on the head can lie dormant for years. Vertebrae can shift out of normal position, resulting in sub-optimal joint movement. Eventually, degenerative changes or arthritis follows, leading to pain and dysfunction.

Effective & Detailed Treatment for Neck Pain

As a doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Johnson will take a thorough approach to the treatment of your neck pain and help you prevent neck pain in the future. After a complete chiropractic examination, x-rays or MRI, it will be determined which part of your neck is not functioning properly. Our Catonsville chiropractic care staff will offer you a variety of gentle, safe, and natural approaches to help alleviate your pain.  Call us at (410) 744-1233 to schedule an appointment today!

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