Tools Of The Trade – Overview of Chiropractic Tools

Tools Of The Trade - Overview of Chiropractic Tools

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In the chiropractic field, many assume that the only tool the doctor needs is his or her hands. However, there are actually many different tools used by chiropractors. From tables to cold lasers, these tools are used to help patients with a wide range of needs and conditions. Read on to learn more about the tools of the trade. Contact our Catonsville chiropractor today for help.


Chiropractors use many different types of tables to realign parts of the body. For example, the drop table uses the patient’s weight to make adjustments. There are also traction tables that pull on body parts to realign them, as well as tables that use rolling balls for massage.


The activator adjusting tool is a handheld, spring loaded device that delivers a low-force thrust to the patient’s back. This tool helps to realign the vertebrae in the spine. It does this without stimulating the surrounding muscles, which makes the treatment virtually painless because less force is necessary.


Chiropractors also use ultrasound machines to help relieve inflammation. The ultrasound provides a micro-massage that reduces pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms along with decreasing swelling and improving the patient’s blood flow.


The impulse adjusting instrument is similar to the activator adjusting tool; it is electronic and delivers a mechanical impulse at a low force. This tool has different settings that utilize harder thrusts for realignment. It is preferable to the activator because it is electronic rather than spring loaded, which means it necessitates less force.


The pro-adjuster combines the adjustment tool with software that lets the doctor test the area before providing the adjustment. This allows the pro-adjuster to deliver an adjustment that is even lower in force and more specific for the best effect.


Chiropractors also use TENS machines, which stimulate your body’s nerves and muscles through an electric current. The TENS machine allows you to relax, which lets your doctor better manipulate your body with greater ease to relieve your pain.


Finally, chiropractors also make use of the cold laser, which produces light without using heat. When applied to an injured area, the cold laser will reestablish regular cellular function. While light is beneficial in injured areas, heat is not, which is why the cold laser works well.

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